IP Enabled Monitoring

Economical IP Enabled Solutions for Data Management, Monitoring, & Control.
The Hub connects to your existing internet router and uses your broadband.

Sensors are wireless and are battery powered. Communications with the Hub is at 433MHz and has a range of up to 500 ft. Using a low frequency offers better penetration to allow better range.

Emails of sensor statuses can be sent periodically and/or when data exceeds user-specifided limits.

The AT100 can also send XML data.

Atec Remote Monitoring Products

AT100 Remote Monitoring Hub
At least one AT100 is required per system. This unit receives wireless sensor data from up to 30 different AT200 sensors and will serve them up on a webpage. Alert emails can be sent based on data level presets. You can also transmit via XML data to a server.
Senses Temperature -20F - 120F
Network connection is 10baseT RJ45


AT200-T Temperature Sensor
AT200-H Humidity Sensor
Senses Humidity 5% - 95% non-condensing
AT200-C Contact Closure Sensor
Senses Dry Contact Closure
AT200-AD Analog Voltage Sensor
Senses Analog Voltage 0-30VDC
AT200-RT Remote Probe
External 3' probe for AT-200T
AT200-L Light Sensor
Senses Ambient Light Levels
AT300-T Quick Start Kit
Includes AT100 + AT200-T + AT200-RT
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